Supreme pro offers business constancy services in a UAE, if you are interested in setting up business in UAE, we are here to provide you complete business set up which includes finding a reliable local business partner for LLC company registration
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Follow Three Simple Steps

Choose Appropriate Legal Form for Your Company

Choose Appropriate Legal Form for Your Company

Two types of licenses will suit most of the companies: LLC or Sole Establishment.

Find a reliable partner, A resident of the UAE

Find a reliable partner, A resident of the UAE

It is necessary to have a UAE citizen as partner or agent.

Go through the company registration procedure

Go through the company registration procedure

The company is to be registered by the Department of economic development.

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Our Services

Supreme PRO is well reputed business consultancy in UAE which is known for providing reliable PRO Services. We provide wide range of business administration services at professional level which helps individuals and companies to set up their business in UAE. Our core services are listed in detail below:

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* As a rule, an additional agreement with local partner is concluded. In the agreement he denies any claims of the ownership and the management of the company and its income.

How to Find a Reliable Local Business Partner in UAE?

In order to set up business in UAE, it is required to have a local business partner which must be a citizen of United Arab Emirates. A local business partner acts as a co-owner of the specific business and has nothing do with the company’s internal operations.

The most important concern for the investors is a relationship with the local business partner so it is really important for the businessmen to choose their local business partner carefully. Most of the local business partners happily sponsor the new investors on the basis of fixed yearly remuneration whereas all the other company assets belong to the investors. A reliable business partner provides support for licenses and help dealing with other governmental services. Choosing the right local business partner in UAE is extremely important as it made great impact on your business growth.

We at ‘SupremePro’ provide complete assistance in terms of finding suitable local business partner with great reputation. Though there are several means to find a local business partner but we highly suggest you to be cautious while choosing one.

Company Registration Process in UAE

Setting up business in UAE requires great deal of understanding about the UAE laws and regulations. Unlike other countries, UAE laws changes more often so it is really important for businesses to follow the UAE laws. If you are planning to set up business in UAE, it is really essential for you to study the UAE laws and understand the legal requirements. SupremePro help individuals and companies to set up their businesses in UAE based will all the legal documentation and standard procedures. Looking to Register Company in the UAE?

Follow the steps given below:

Trade name reservation
Applying for a license in the Department of economic development
Getting pre-approval
Design the Memorandum of Association
Attest the Memorandum at the Notary public
Rent an Office
Office location approval from Planning Department
Payment for the Trade License in the Department of Economic Development
Get a license



Hotel Reservation


Tourist Visa


Rent A Car

Problems you might face in Setting up Company in UAE on your own


To set up a company in UAE requires 3-4 months as there are several requirements businessmen have to fulfill. If you are planning to open a company all by yourself than you might have to face different problems such as lack of knowledge about required documents, lack of understanding about the company registration procedure as being a business owner you have to fill different forms and perform several attestations.


A common problem which companies have to face is the lack of cooperation from the local business partner. If your local business partner doesn’t fulfill his duties timely then you cannot focus on your business in fact you might end up performing his duties which results in the delay of your business progress.


Lack of understanding about legal procedures in the UAE can cause problems in terms of decision making.

Focus on Business Development, Leave the Paper work and legal procedures to US!

Hire Us if!

It is important for you to use your time efficiently. You need to register a company in the UAE within a short period of time.

You want to focus on the effective development of your business, and not to waste time for routine communication with the bureaucratic apparatus.

You want to protect yourself find reliable partner (resident of the UAE) with good references.

You want to find assistant who can efficiently optimize your efforts in communicating with governmental authorities.


We Help You to Set Up Company in UAE

Our Unique Guarantee!

Set Up Company in UAE

We are confident in our local and give you 100% Money Back Guarantee.

It means that if you are unhappy with him in the first year of cooperation, we will refund you the money spent on his services.

Choose an appropriate legal form for your business
Choose the most suitable local business partner
Perform all the documentation required to set up business
Perform business registration procedure
Get trade license from the Department of Economic Development
Provide information support for you

How much we charge?

Our services make a total amount only 10,000 AED ($2800)


  • The services of a local partner may reach the amount of
  • 10,000 AED
    per year for the
  • ($2,800), 20 000 AED per year for LLC
  • Note: Usually this is paid in 2 cheques per year.
  • The state license duty reaches
  • 9,000 - 40,000 AED
  • The amount of the duty depends on the activity. For small and medium business it usually does not exceed 15,000 AED.
  • We can give you the exact amount to be paid for your license if you Send us a request.
  • You will also need to rent office..
  • The standard office price starts from от 50,000 AED per year ($14,000)
  • Visa for the investor Governmental fees are - от
  • 2,170 AED ($590) + Refundable Deposit of 10,000 AED ($150) + Our services - FREE
  • If you plan to hire employees, you will also need:
  • Immigration Company Card Governmental fees -
  • 850 AED ($230) + Our services - FREE
  • Ministry of Labour Company Card
  • Governmental fees - 2,153 AED ($560) + Our services - FREE
  • Visas for Employees
  • Governmental fees - 3400 AED ($925) + Refundable Deposit of 3,000 AED ($150) + Our services - 1,000 AED ($225)


You may want to hire a service company if


Contact us and we will discuss the nature of your business in detail as we are here to help: Call us now @

0 Day

The beginning…

Sign a contract with us and give us the power of attorney so that we can prepare all the documents and submit them to the Department of Economic Development.

1st Day


On 5-th or 6-th day you need to meet the local and sign Memorandum of to Association, which has to be attested by a notary. After that we continue our work: collect the remaining documents and submit them to governmental authorities.

5th-6th Day

All is Done

We keep track of the registration procedure and will inform you as soon as everything is done. You will receive trade license through email in pdf format.

14th Day

Get your Trade License in 14 Days!

Urgent Business Registration Requires 4-5 Days.

*Term and conditions may vary depending on your company’s activity.
Some documents have to be approved by relevant ministries and departments – it may take extra 5-7 days.


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From the first meeting I liked the fact that the managers of Supreme PRO could answer all my questions clearly and without hesitation. After the conversation it became clear what steps to take and how to avoid mistakes in the intricacies of local legislation.



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pleased with the pricing policy. Supreme PRO does not charge the “skyrocketing” fees, they have no hidden charges. From the very beginning Supreme PRO charged reasonable prices, and never changed them during the process of company registration


Truly Golden

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Managers of Supreme PRO not only perform all the paperwork for me, but they are always ready to help in everyday life issues in Dubai: rent a car, find a housekeeper and school for my child. Thank you very much!



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would like to express my appreciations for ur hard work and efficiency in delivering and processing all related items that made my business started smoothlyagain looking forward to do more business with you.


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